Praxis für Mund- und Zahngesundheit

Dental practice for mouth- and dental health


Denture is the necessary solution for the restoration of the masticatory organ by means of crowns/partial crowns for deeply destroyed single teeth, gap closing after loss of one or several teeth by means of bridges, or removable set of dentures after loss of many teeth.

All solutions (selected materials and costs) must be discussed and planned individually. We use only German solutions, so no set of dentures from China or Turkey.

In this context the uncomplicated teamwork between dentist and dental technician is important. The chances of success are guaranteed by cooperation with known laboratories in Bonn.

For these prosthetic cases are often complicated and need a good planning.

In principle you distinguish between fixed or loose set of dentures. Set of dentures like crowns and bridges is necessary in the case when a single tooth or several are destroyed so much or even are absent that a filling cannot offer enough stability.