Praxis für Mund- und Zahngesundheit

Dental practice for mouth- and dental health

Are you satisfied with your smile?

Already Heinz Rühmann knew that the smile is the small change of the luck. We can only confirm this and are glad if we cause a contented smile in our patients.

We can contribute something to your happiness: Beside the domestic oral hygiene and the twice annual controlling investigation with the dentist, the professional teeth-cleaning (PTC) is a sensible and effective prophylactic measure to keep teeth, gums and the whole oral cavity healthy.

We take time for you: With us a PTC lasts usually 45 minutes up to one hour at which we clean your teeth thoroughly and remove all hard and softy layers as well as discolorations and polish the dental surfaces with special pastes. In the last step of treatment an intensive fluoridation follows to make the dental glaze more resistant against caries. Each step is explained to you in detail!

Of course the prophylaxis is adapted to the individual needs and the state of health of the individual patient. A previous dental-medical investigation is absolutely necessary.
If you want to lighten your teeth after a thorough PTC, we like to inform you about the different options of bleaching.
We are only satisfied if you are it!