Praxis für Mund- und Zahngesundheit

Dental practice for mouth- and dental health


First we determine what you already do to prevent the periodontitis. We exactly check your gums state and the position of the teeth and test as loose they are (PSI = periodontal sreening index). We ascertain the amount of plaque settlement and bleeding. By a measuring probe the resulted gums pocket is examined for depth and inflammation degree. Usually a X-ray image finishes the diagnosis of the state of your jawbone.

The periodontitis is an inflammatory, infectious and transmittable illness of the dental bed and the parodontium which is classified according to recent studies as a dangerous illness, which can even affect and damage the heart circulation system. Even premature births can be triggered. The cause for this illness are bacteria which must be fought and eliminated by certain treatment methods.

For you as a patient the safest signals for periodontitis are among other bleeding gums, loosening of the teeth and pulling back gums. By our special treatment and use of the newest academically approved methods and technologies and your cooperation we will dam these illnesses. We like to advise you in our practice about the methods and possibilities.