Praxis für Mund- und Zahngesundheit

Dental practice for mouth- and dental health


Wellness for the oral cavity/ what do you do for your dental health?

To the most important columns of the preventive dentistry belong beside the domestic dental care, the semi-annual control of the oral health by the dentist and the professional teeth-cleaning - briefly PZR - by a skilled worker qualified especially for this. The PZR do not contain only a mechanical cleaning of the teeth and dental space by ultrasound and powder jet device - we use the most modern machine of the market leader EMS - but also the cleaning of the tongue and a lot more.

The oral hygiene school helps that your own cleaning technique is improved - the food advisory service prevents dental illnesses like caries.

By the semi-annual control you minimize the risk of the illness of the oral cavity and the teeth.Legally insured persons must pay for this service privately.